Backup Cameras

Backup camera solutions offer safety and convenience. We will add a backup camera to your existing vehicle and replace your current rear view mirror with one that doubles as a screen!


Replace your factory radio with an aftermarket system such as Pioneer or Sony. These systems allow you to add more accessories to your radio such as iPod/USB use, Bluetooth hands-free calling, Satellite radio, or the new HD radio technology. Also these radios have a more powerful amplifier so you will notice a better sound through your factory speakers.


Have the whole United States at the tip of your fingers with our up to date Navigation systems. Plan a trip or navigate around a new city all from your in-dash radio system. Also with the new satellite technology, you can look up POI (points of interest) such as ATMs, Gas Stations, and Motels. Additional accessory available on all systems.

Subwoofer Systems

Need a little more bass in your auto sound system? Add a subwoofer system by MTX or Pioneer to either your factory system or to your aftermarket system to experience the best possible sound. Have a tight spot that you want to add a sub into? We now carry the newest technology of Shallow Subwoofers. These 3.25-inch depth subs fit under seats or in small cabs. We also carry vehicle specific boxes.

Overhead DVD

Watch a movie no matter where you are with a rear media system. This overhead DVD system will hang from the roof of your vehicle and will be easy to see with a 10.2” display. The system comes with two wireless headphones but you can add as many headphones to the system as need be. Or if you don’t have enough headphones as people, you can run they DVD through the radio for a full surround sound effect.

Headrest DVD

Add 7-inch DVD screens to the back of any headrest and not change the look of your vehicle. These custom headrests come as a set with each screen having their own DVD player which allows you to watch two different movies or you can source the screens to watch the same DVD. And like the Overhead system, you can either enjoy the sound through headphones or through the radio system for the complete surround sound experience. (Available in any model vehicle before 2010)

Cruise Control

Add a cruise control to most makes and models that did not come with factory cruise control. Or if your factory cruise control is no longer working, we can evaluate the system and repair or replace it.

Radar Detectors

Be warned of where radar and speed traps are with a radar detector and laser diffusers. We carry both portable and hide-away systems that are constantly updated to give you protection from all new speed detection technologies.

Bluetooth Integration

Operate your Cell Phone through any factory radio to allow hands-free calling while driving.

iPod Integration / Aux Intergration

Make your iPod or MP3 Player run through your factory radio with the clarity of a CD. Choose to control your music through the radio controls or directly from your iPod or MP3 Player.